Riot is working on an “Act Based Tournament System” for VALORANT

Ashraful Abedin
By Ashraful Abedin
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Image via EvrMoar

Earlier today Riot has officially stated that they are working on introducing Clash to Valorant, which is basically an Act Based Tournament System within the game.

What is Clash?

Clash tournaments are very popular in League of Legends. It is a monthly tournament where players would team up and compete against each other at their fixed skill level.

The Clash week would start on Monday and end on Sunday. On the first day, i.e. Monday players would be able to start forming teams and the matches would take place on the weekends, i.e. Saturday/Sunday.

There would be a single-elimination Bracket consisting of 8 teams and the winner would receive trophies and prizes. This is a system that rewards competitive players for competitive play.

Riot developer EvrMoar tweeted a sample picture of Clash being worked on for VALORANT. This is a complex system that will require a lot of adjustment and tuning to properly implement into Valorant.

Clash coming to VALORANT

From the information we know about Clash so far, we can speculate a lot of things about its implementation in VALORANT.

All players of a single rank (Bronze 2/Plat 1) or rank range (Bronze 1-3/Plat 1-3) will be able to form teams and the bracket will be of teams belonging to the same rank or rank range. The winners of these brackets will receive prizes. Although it would be very rewarding if Riot rewards VP or skins as a prize pool.

The rewards will likely be cosmetics including Gun buddies, Player cards, Player titles, and Sprays. There is also a slight chance that RP might be available as a reward as well.

Right now we have no specific information regarding the exact date or format of the Clash Tournament. All the information except the official tweet is speculation so they might be subject to change.

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