Riot is still banning hackers almost every single day in VALORANT

Riot launched VALORANT alongside their anti-cheat protection system called Vanguard that was suppose to get rid of all the hackers in the game.

Vanguard was very diving among the VALORANT community as some players thought it was invading their privacy. Furthermore, this kernel-level anti-cheat protection system could seriously hurt players if it somehow falls into the wrong hand.

VALORANT cheaters banned
Image via Riot Games

Although the intrusive nature of Vanguard allowed it to detect more cheaters than all the alternative solutions that are available in the market right now. Vanguard did show some results as Riot Games already banned a lot of cheaters in a short amount of time.

However, Vanguard is still not perfect as hackers can always find a workaround. As of now, the anti-cheat team at Riot Games is still hard at work to ban these cheaters. Fighting against cheaters in a free-to-play game is always going to be an ongoing one.

Unfortunately, no matter how robust an anti-cheat solution is, hackers are always going to find a way to beat the system. Additionally, developers sometimes have to do manual ban waves whenever they discover a new breed of cheaters suddenly emerging out of nowhere.

Riot Games recently started to notify players via email if they reported someone for cheating and the cheater gets banned from the game. This is a welcome addition from Riot Games that assures its community that they are listening.

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