RIOT introduces VALORANT Champions Tour for 2021

Rifat Bin Yusuf
By Rifat Bin Yusuf
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Image Via: RIOT Games

With the First Strike tournament set to take place in December, RIOT just revealed their Champions Tour roadmap for 2021.

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VALORANT has shifted the balance of the Esports industry. RIOT’s first expedition into FPS exceeded their expectations. VALORANT managed to overcome all the obstacles raised by the ongoing global pandemic. Now RIOT is attempting to multiply this success by announcing a series of large-scale tournaments. 

Tournament Format & Divisions 

  • VALORANT Challengers 
  • VALORANT Masters 
  • VALORANT World Championship 

Initially, there will be regional tournaments to determine the best teams from each region. After that, provincial champions will proceed to the “VALORANT Masters” event. Now, the “VALORANT Masters” is essentially the gateway to the Valorant World Championship.  

Regions & Timeline for 2021  

  • VALORANT Challengers: February, April-May, July-August 
  • VALORANT Masters: March-April, June, September-October 
  • VALORANT World Championship: December 

Champions Last Chance Qualifier“ will take place in October-November, prior to the World Championship. The schedule for 2021 is carefully structured to maintain a vibrant VALORANT ecosystem. Professional teams will get multiple chances to qualify for the Championship.  

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RIOT is implementing a solid & proven tournament format that worked for them in the League of Legends World Championship. VALORANT’s competitive scene took only a few months to liftoff. With that said, RIOT is clearly pushing the VALORANT Esports scene to its peak.

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