Riot Games is buffing underwhelming Runes and Summoner Spell in patch 10.12

Riot Games plans to buff two least popular Keystone Runes and one Summoner Spell in patch 10.12.

Today, on the latest dev post, League of Legends’ lead gameplay designer Mark “Scruffy” Yetter revealed that they are targeting runes and summoners that are weak or underwhelming to play with.

Therefore, they are buffing two keystone runes: Guardian and Predator. Both of the runes have the least presence in League of Legends compare to other runes in the same tree.

On the new Guardian change, it will now only trigger when being hit by a significant burst of damage rather than getting triggered by any kind of damage. This new change will help support players to protect their carriers when they are getting all in by enemy champions. Guardian also going to have a bigger shield now.

Predator is another rune that is only used by a small champion pool in League of Legends. But for the patch 10.12, Riot is planning to give it some significant changes so that more champions can utilize it properly. They are completely removing Predator’s long channel time, giving it lower cooldown while reducing the damage.

Two minor runes Unflinching and Approach Velocity are also getting buffs in patch 10.12. Unflinching will give 30% tenacity at lower health and Approach Velocity is going for a new direction where the ally element is no longer needed.

Ghost is the only Summoner Spell, Riot is planning to bring any changes to. Compared to other spells like Flash, Teleport, and Ignite Ghost is quite underwhelming to play with. And there are only a few champions who can get actually benefited by it. Even Riot Scruffy said, “Ghost overall seems like a weak summoner”. Although they haven’t confirmed what the changes are going to be they are still testing it up.

These changes are yet to go through a long testing period before they make it to the live servers on patch 10.12.

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