Riot Games finally reveals details on their Netcode and 128-servers for VALORANT

Riot Games went above and beyond for VALORANT

Riot Games the developer of League of Legends finally revealed more details on their upcoming tactical FPS game VALORANT.

VALORANT has been marketed towards FPS lovers that love the competitive aspect of a shooter. Riot Games really hit their mark with marketing with words like 128 tik rate servers, strong anti-cheat protection from day one, fewer pickers advantage, better net code, etc. All this has done wonders for hyping up all the FPS gamers all around the world.

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In their latest Dev diaries, VALORANT’s technical director, Dave Heironymus, and technical engineering lead, David Straily, talked about how they were frustrated with the default net code problems that gamers have to face every day. They explained how sometimes players feel like they should have hit a shot but the server says that they didn’t.

VALORANT’s push towards better servers

Along with a better net code, they also talked about the importance of having 128 tik rate servers. This will be useful for tracking in-game character models with what the server sees. With more information running through the servers at a time, VALORANT will try to reduce any kind of latency or hit registration issues that have been plaguing FPS gamers ever since the dawn of time.

On that note, it looks pretty promising so far. Most of the streamers and content creators on Twitch and other platforms were really raving about how smooth the game actually runs. As a result, the hype for this game reached an unprecedented level.

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Demand for access to the closed beta key that drops only through Twitch has been really promising for the future of VALORANT. Hopefully, we all can enjoy what Riot Games has been developing for a long time really soon.

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