Riot Games are willing to pay $10 million to settle a gender discrimination lawsuit

Riot games are likely to give 10 million in order to settle a class-action lawsuit. This alleged gender discrimination lawsuit was ongoing from November of last year.

Riot is definitely one of the biggest and successful game developers of this decade. They are the creator of popular games like League of Legends, TFT, etc. They reportedly made about 1.4 billion dollars in revenue last year.

Last year many women from the office created a class action lawsuit against riot. They claimed the whole workspace created a “bro culture”. Harassment and inequality were blatantly available at that space. Bosses would take their employers to the strip clubs after work. This all made the whole office a pretty messy place for women.

This lawsuit also included that managers were keeping a Hotlist of female employees. They would rank them by their attractiveness. There was also a lot of crotch-grabbing and dry humping. There was also a case where Riot retailed against former employees whenever they complained about their situation to Riot’s upper management. This all created an unhealthy workplace.

Employee’s walkout:

Back in spring employees in Riot also participated in a walkout. This was a first from the gaming industry. This happened when two former employees were retaliated against when they filled a lawsuit against Riot games. The walkout was inspired by Google employee’s walkout from November last year. After the walkout Riot’s upper management was still not agreeing with the demands of their employees. Months later now in November 2019 Riot is finally willing to negotiate a deal.

Finally, Riot is willing to settle this lawsuit for 10 million. This money would go to the female employees of Riot. There are almost 1000 women who work in Riot. From contractor to full-time employees everybody will get some chunk of that money. At last this ling lawsuit may come to its finish line.


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