Riot devs have confirmed that the top rank won’t be called “VALORANT” when the game finally releases on June 2

Thankfully Riot will rename the top rank in VALORANT

Just right after Riot announced that the top rank in VALORANT will be called “VALORANT”, many content creators and pros expressed their concern regarding naming the top rank exactly the same as the official title of the game.

Since then the whole VALORANT community banded together to let Riot know that naming the top rank as “VALORANT” isn’t a good idea. One of the reasons why most players didn’t like the top rank to be named after the actual name of the game is mainly due to the confusion. Having to search for top VALROANT player in VALORANT might confuse casual players.

Image via Riot Games

Furthermore searching for “VALORANT VALORANT players” is not really intuitive at all. And worst of all, having to optimize your content as a small-time content creator to this naming format would have been a nightmare.

Seems like Riot devs listened to all the feedback from the community and will most likely change the name of the top rank to something more suitable with the official release on June 2. Until then all those content creators who were concerned about all the confusion can rest a bit.

However, Riot still didn’t officially release any statement on what the top rank in VALORANT will be called. Therefore we can all just wait till June 2 to see it for ourselves.

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