Riot devs consider Agent bans at “close to 30 agents”

With all games that feature unique characters, there has always been a ban system implied. With popular games like League of Legends, Dota 2 and even Rainbow 6 Siege having a ban system, there has always been talks of a ban system in the VALORANT community.

In Valorant, there are some specific team compositions where the agents work very well with each other. The agents are picked in such a way that each can support the other’s strengths and cover the other’s weaknesses. Also, there are compositions that are tailored to suit a specific team’s strategy for example Vision Strikers with their intel-focused composition which has 4 agents, all of which are capable of gathering intel.

Image via Riot
Image via Riot

With the current state of VALORANT, something like a ban system is not viable simply because there are not enough agents. To have a ban system, there must be a variety of heroes first that serve a similar purpose. On a twitch stream earlier today, Valorant Game Designer Nicholas Wu Smith was asked “At what Agent do you think bans will be viable?”. “Maybe close to 30,” he replied.

Currently, some form of pick-ban can be applied in the case of Brimstone or Omen and Killjoy or Cypher but in the majority of cases, there are some agents like Jett or Sova that simply cannot be replaced. Until there are more agents that can serve a similar purpose to these agents, we should not expect to see any sort of ban system applied yet.

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