Returnal Trophies will require hours of gameplay, Trophy list leaked

Players will need to put in a lot of hours to unlock trophies in the PS5 exclusive Returnal.

The much anticipated PS5 exclusive, Returnal is coming out on April 30th, 2021. Ahead of its release, Returnal’s Trophy list has reportedly leaked online. And it seems, the game will require hours of gameplay to unlock platinum and gold-related trophies. To conclude, Housemarque’s rogue-like title has 31 trophies in total (7 Gold, 5 Silver, and 18 Bronze).

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Returnal is another game that was delayed due to Covid this year. Despite the one-month delay, fans have been patient and faithful to the studio and game. However, to unlock all the trophies, gamers will have to go through boss fights, story, and pick up collectibles throughout the beautiful game.

To complete each trophy, gamers will have to grind and through the small aspects of the game. You will have to finish surveys, scan the environment often so that you don’t miss any collectibles, items. Gamers will also need to find all bonuses and abilities scattered throughout the world. Moreover, roguelike games have been a new sensation around gamers recently, and Returnal could be a potential hit for Sony to talk about in years to come.

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Furthermore, You can check out the Returnal Trophies leaked List below and mark what you want to do when you get your hands on the game.

Trophy List

Bronze Trophies:

  • Atropian Survival – Learn the basics of survival on Atropos
  • A Shadow in the Fog – Defeat Phrike
  • Ascension – Defeat Ixion
  • Trial by Judgement – Defeat Nemesis
  • Silence the Song – Defeat Hyperion
  • Inner Darkness – Defeat Ophion
  • Second Chance – Returned by an artifact
  • Cryptic Messages – Scan a Xenoglyph
  • Cryptic Translations – Unlock all translation tiers of a Xenoglyph
  • Surgical Precision – Perform 5 successful Overloads in a row
  • In-Field Training – Complete a daily challenge in Simulation Mode
  • Hardened Shell – Achieve 200% Max Integrity
  • Risk Assessment – Finish Calculated Risk
  • Adrenaline Spike – Achieve maximum Adrenaline Level
  • Irreversibly Contaminated – Have 5 Parasites simultaneously
  • Eternal Return – Die for the first time
  • Alternate Fates – Retrieve 10 Scout Logs
  • Welcome Home – Complete the first House sequence

Silver Trophies:

  • Failed Escape – Finish Act 1
  • Last Drive – Finish Act 2
  • Adapting to Circumstance – Achieve Weapon Proficiency level 30
  • Sins of the Mother – Complete all House sequences
  • Visions of the Past – Complete a Xeno-archive set

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Gold Trophies:

  • Past the Ruins – Finish Overgrown Ruins Survey
  • Ascending the Mountain – Finish Crimson Wastes Survey
  • Through the Forgotten City – Finish Derelict Citadel Survey
  • Echoes of the Past – Finish Echoing Ruins Survey
  • Frozen in Time – Finish Fractured Wastes Survey
  • Submerged in Memories – Finish Abyssal Scar Survey
  • White Shadow – Finish Act 3

Platinum Trophy:

  • Helios – Collect all trophies.

The game will come out on April 30th, on PS5 only. With less than 11 days to go, get your controllers charged and your pre-orders ready because this is an exclusive you will want in your library.

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