Returnal has been delayed till April 2021

PlayStation announced on Twitter that Returnal will be delayed till April 2021.

SIE, Housemarque, and Playstation have decided to delay the PS5 exclusive to April 30. The Third-Person Shooter was about to come out on March 19, but it seems the game needs more polishing. They said that they are taking more time to deliver the quality of gameplay players expect them to give.

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Returnal was announced earlier in the PS5 reveal event as an exclusive for PS5. The combat trailer and the announcement trailer made us fans curious about this Third-Person Shooter. The story begins with Space Scout Selene trying to undo the constant loop of resurrection.

The Rogue-like Shotter game is in space where you fight alien monsters in a dangerous environment. The character in the game is stuck in a loop of resurrection on a dangerous planet that changes with each death.

Housemarque’s Returnal has been delayed for more than a month to improve the game. The game will be coming out for PS5 on the 30th of April. So sit back, save up and wait for this third-person shooter to come out.

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