Returnal Fans Left Frustrated After No In-Game Save Option

Housemarque’s sci-fi horror has left fans frustrated.

Returnal is now finally playable on the PS5, but it has left fans frustrated due to its saving system. It has been named one of the best PS exclusives due to its unique gameplay and style. Despite that, fans are not happy about the save option in Returnal. Twitter recently exploded with frustrated fans posting about their experience with Returnal’s save option.

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Returnal is not only one of the exclusives available on PS5 right now but also one of the only fully next-gen games. Fully Next-Gen in the sense that it can run at 60 FPS on 4K with Ray Tracing enabled. Moreover, Housemarque’s Returnal is also filled with mysteries to solve throughout its world. The horror game even has a secret ending which intrigues fans into putting in more hours to get a different outcome.

Although all of that sounds great, the game has no save option. This meaning once you die, you have to redo everything again. Some fans have even labeled it as the dark souls of PS5. Housemarque released a statement after seeing the outrage on Reddit and Twitter you can check out above. However, it does not seem Housemarque will include a save option in the game for now.

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Now concluding, Returnal is a great game, and if you love mysteries and enjoy horror games, this is a must-pick for you. They charge you 69.99$ for the standard version, and they also have a deluxe version priced at 79.99$ for more content to get you started.

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