Respawn to finally address server related issues in Apex Legends soon

Respawn devs will finally address all the server-related problems that Apex Legends players have been dealing with for a long time now in an upcoming dev blog.

Major issues like servers, net codes and tick rates are hotly debated topics within the Apex community for a good reason since it directly affects players while they are enjoying this battle royale.

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Following every major content update, frustrated players always flock to their respective social media platforms to show their dissatisfaction with the franchise regarding inconsistent server performance.

Big changes are coming

In a recent Twitter thread, Ryan K. Rigney, the director of communication at Respawn has stated that within two weeks there will be a dev blog featuring Apex engineers where they will address issues like server, net code, and tick rate.

According to Ryan, this dev blog will not magically solve all the problems overnight but it will give interested individuals an insight into what these engineers are doing to address server issues. Furthermore, it will be more like a discussion where devs are going to explain all the current issues alongside their plans to deal with them in the upcoming patches.

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Ryan also states that devs are going to provide their two cents on the server tick rate debate as this was also a hotly debated topic within the Apex community. Just to be clear, the discussion will not fix all the current issues with the game immediately but it will give players an understanding of the ins and outs of the servers-related issues in the game.

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