Respawn Postpones Apex Legends Arenas Ranked Mode

Respawn introduced a brand new permanent Arenas game mode alongside their popular battle royale mode with the Legacy update.

While Arenas received mostly positive reviews from the Apex community, many got bored fairly quickly as there was no competitive mode at launch. According to Respawn devs, the competitive mode is in the works.

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The upcoming patch 9.1 is supposed to fix some of the pain points that players are facing right now. And the new ranked mode was also supposed to arrive with the same patch. However, Respawn decided to remove the ranked mode from the patch as they believe it needs more time.

Arenas ranked receives a delay

Respawn’s director of communication confirmed the delay as some fans thought the highly anticipated ranked variant would arrive with the next patch.

Ranked matchmaking has been a hotly debated topic in the Apex community. Consequently, Respawn decided they needed more time to get it right. A lot of really dedicated players have been looking forward to this specific game mode. Unfortunately, it seems like fans of this franchise will need to wait a bit longer till Respawn feels it is ready for launch.

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Respawn gave players another great choice to enjoy the gameplay loop of Apex Legends without all the hassle that comes with RNG in a battle royale game. Maybe the ranked mode can bring more people to this amusing community.

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