Respawn is already working on legends for season 13 and 14 of Apex, confirmed by a dev

We are at the tail end of the current season 8 of Apex Legends and Respawn has already revealed a lot of details regarding their upcoming season that will be called “Legacy”.

In a recent interview with BrownGirlGamerCode, Chad Grenier, the game director of Apex Legends stated that Respawn has already “locked-in” Legends up to season 12. So, these characters are being playtested ahead of time to make sure they fit into the current meta.

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Data miners also came to the same conclusion based on mining data from game files. According to data miners, Respawn is working on different weapons and characters for possible future releases.

Season 13 and 14 legends

Additionally, Daniel Zenon Klein, Lead game Designer at Respawn revealed that they are already figuring out legends for seasons 13 and 14 at the moment. Respawn usually likes to work way ahead so this isn’t really surprising at all.

Respawn already announced that the upcoming season will take Apex beyond the normal battle royale mode. In the recent cinematic trailer for “Legacy”, they gave players a first glimpse into the Exoplanet.

According to the data miners, the exoplanet will be the battleground for the arena game mode which is basically a 3v3 style team deathmatch type game mode. Players might have to buy weapons at the start of the round similar to some other titles in the shooter genre, data miners suggest.

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However, take these leaks with a grain of salt since things could still change drastically before the official reveal.

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