Respawn devs finally breaks silence addressing to the players complains

They are finally back

Respawn devs took a hiatus from directly replying to the Apex Legends players after a certain name-calling incident from the dev team. But they are now finally replying to the players.

During The Iron Crown event, Respawn devs were asked about some valid concern about the over monetization of the event. After some back and forth the devs resorted to some name-calling and told gamers that they were “freeloaders“. The general audience on Reddit and other social media didn’t take kindly to those words and there were a lot of backlashes.

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Respawn dev replied
Respawn dev replied to commented in Apex Legends’ official subreddit

And the players were pissed would be an understatement. Things got so heated up that even Respawn CEO apologized for their misstep. After that particular incident Respawn devs started to kind of not replying to the players directly to the players on Reddit, Twitter and other social media platforms directly.

They finally broke their silence and started to reply to the fans directly. And replied to most of them. Things look good now as both sides are now communicating which is a healthy sign for any good community. Respawn devs replied on Dashboarding, muzzle flash and other annoyances that are plaguing the game at the moment.

Respawn devs on twitter

Devs also replied about the hot topic SBMM. They replied with we are watching and adjusting for solo vs stack compositions.

SBMM adjustment

With new event Grand Soirée coming it’s really good to see Respawn devs that are finally breaking their silence and communicating to the players in a more direct manner. It is really a good sign for the game altogether.


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