Respawn Dev blame data miners for ruining the surprise reveal of a Legend

Data miners are at it again

Apex Legends recent dev stream announced the much waited new Legend Forge. Respawn’s surprise was that Forge might not be the new Legend and devs wanted to keep it a surprise entry for Revenant.

In a recent video published by Respawn shows how Forge is killed by a mysterious figure aka Revenant. Respawn wanted it to be a surprise but data miners were leaking the info weeks prior to the announcement of Forge. Now Respawn devs are saying that data miners have ruined the surprise for everyone.

Forge Interview

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Apex dev on twitter

Apex legends Project Lead Drew McCoy tweeted that it sucks how data miners ruined the surprise of Revenant in the upcoming season 4. He said that they worked really hard for many months to keep it as a surprise for everyone. But some miners for some internet clout ruined it for everyone.

Data miners reveal details

Adding to this another Respawn game designer said in Reddit that it took more than 6 months to create a surprise for everyone.

A thousand times this. To echo what Drew said, it took 100+ people here 6 months to develop this moment. Art takes a painfully long time to create, and it only took seconds to ruin it.

Respawn Game Designer

Devs were right to show their frustrations as the surprise was ruined in a couple of seconds that they worked so hard for. But on the other hand of the argument was that data miners create hype for the upcoming season or new announcements. And it is a healthy sign for a thriving community that really cares about their game.

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Many devs do not agree with that sentiment that data miners are doing the right thing. Drew McCoy even saif that ” Leaks are the absolute worst. I’ve never worked on a single project where it was purposeful or wanted.

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