Resident Evil Village: Treasure Under the Stronghold Guide

How you can reach the treasure under the Stronghold in Resident Evil Village.

We have always seen Capcom include puzzles in all of their horror games. This game includes mysteries like all other games in the Resident Evil series. All puzzles include some reward when you complete them. Some involve getting a trophy or in-game rewards, while others like this you will be able to sell. Some collectibles like the Goat of Warding collection include in-game rewards. Furthermore, here is how you can find the treasure under the stronghold in Resident Evil Village.

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Resident Evil Village Stronghold treasure
Credit – Capcom

The treasure under the stronghold is tougher to get than it appears on the map. The map will show it is in the stronghold, but you will have to go underground first. Unfortunately, the way down is pretty rough, and it takes a lot of effort. Firstly you will have to push deeper into the stronghold defeating a series of lycans as you move. After you reach the underground eventually, a boss will appear, and after you defeat him, you are nearly there.

Resident Evil Village Stronghold treasure
Credit – Capcom

After you defeat the big hammer-wielding wolf, follow the crystal-littered cave. Here is a tip as you move through the cave, shoot and gather some crystals which you can sell later to The Duke. As you move ahead, you will find a room where players will find a flask with Heisenberg’s message in it. After that, move down the stairs and get on a boat. However, you check your left as you move through the boat area, you will find the elusive Resident Evil treasure, which you can sell later for in-game cash.

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