Resident Evil Village Demo PC players manage to reset timer

Resident Evil Village Demo is now playable for all systems. And in no time, PC gamers worked up methods to reset the timer.

The much-awaited and hyped Resident Evil 8 or Resident Evil Village is releasing 7th May. Only a week remains. Hence, to hype players up more and give them a taste of what to expect, Capcom also worked on a demo.

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Resident Evil Village Demo is now available to play on all platforms. Which means PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5. Furthermore, the demo was supposed to be only live for 24hrs. But Capcom extended the demo to the next seven days.

That sounds wonderful until you realize the Resident Evil Village demo has a playable time limit of 1 hour. We know that is not enough to explore the huge village and castle, lurking with vampire ladies, and other monsters. Just like everyone, we too wish to get more time to explore the creepy, death-filled castle. Our prayers have been answered by the PC gaming community.

PC players playing Resident Evil Village managed workarounds to reset the timer on the game demo. Moreover, here is one such method, thanks to Steam user Leaves:

  • 1. Disable Steam Cloud for RE8 Demo
  • 2. Download Steam SAM (Steam Achievement Manager)
  • 3. Delete Local Savefiles
  • (Located: D:\Steam\userdata\<YOUR STEAM ID>\1541780\remote\win64_save\
  • Delete those Files.
  • 4. Start Steam SAM
  • 5. Select RE8 Demo
  • 6. Remove Achievements and Stats, confirm.

Although all these sound quite a bit of work, it is still worth it. Especially since the demo is getting good reviews almost from everyone. Console players don’t even have the option to reset the timer. Resident Evil Village might be the biggest and the most successful Resident Evil game, if not the most successful Capcom game yet.

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