Resident Evil Village: Benevento House Music Box Puzzle guide

Here is a guide on how to solve the Music Box puzzle in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village has been named the best seller of the series in four days of its launch. The game sold 4 million copies in less than a week. Capcom has done a great job with the game itself, and the sales show it. Moreover, Resident Evil Village is a zombie horror game with lots of mysteries and puzzles to solve. And we have made a guide that will help you solve the Music Box puzzle in the Benevento House.

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How to complete the music box puzzle in Resident Evil Village

Benevento House is one of the oddest places among many others in Resident Evil Village. In fact, the creepy environment, the boss with a wooden doll by her side, all contribute to that. Moving on, after you have successfully escaped Lady Dimitrescu’s castle and her daughters, you will end up in this house.

Resident Evil Village Music Box Puzzle
Credit- HITC

To begin the puzzle, you will have to first insert the Winding key inside the music box. You can find the Winding Key on the left leg of a doll in the doll workshop. After you have the key go to the place where the music box is located, and insert it. After the box opens up, players will be able to see scratches on the box. Furthermore, players will have to align them correctly to complete the puzzle. The image above shows how you have to align them to complete the puzzle.

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After you have aligned them correctly and played the tune, the box will reward you with tweezers. These tweezers will help you remove the object stuck in Mia’s mouth. Moreover, Resident Evil Village is a cross-platform horror- survival game, which you can play on both the old gen and new-gen consoles.

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