Resident Evil Remake re-imagined as an FPS in fan game

Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
By Mahirul Alam Chowdhury
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credits: Residence of Evil

An independent developer has made an excellent fan game of Resident Evil Remake as an FPS.

A developer by the name of MoonGlint has given Resident Evil Remake a breath of fresh air with this new fan game. Furthermore, this first-person reimagining of Resident Evil Remake was done in Unreal Engine 4. Among all the new Resident Evil games and remakes of the second and third games. It seems the original game that started it all seemed to be shadowed. Especially due to its comparably outdated gameplay mechanics and controls.

A dedicated fan of the series seems to have shown the world that we truly deserve another remake of the original Resident Evil. This time in first-person.

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Shared first the Youtube channel Residence of Evil, and titled Resident Evil 1 Remake. This fan-build shows the Spencer Mansion of the original game in first-person. And it looks absolutely stunning. Moreover, apart from the visuals, the dev managed to implement an amazing sound design too. Reminiscent of the Resident Evil 1,2 Remakes. In fact, MoonGlint has taken a lot of inspiration and ideas from the aforementioned games.

YouTube video

Residence of Evil and MoonGlint made this fan game while they were working on their original game called Vigil. And it seems this re-creation of Resident Evil 1 Remake was not a stand-alone project. But a testing ground to try out different lighting effects and designs for their own game, Vigil. MoonGlint did state that he will release a playable build if he receives enough support.

Nevertheless, what turned out was a great concept of what the first Resident Evil can be for the modern era. Resident Evil HD Remaster released in 2015 and was a remaster of Gamecube’s Resident Evil remake. Although through this Resident Evil fan game we see that that the older games can make a sweet comeback with a fresh coat of paint for next-gen systems.

We won’t probably see something like this happening anytime soon. As we know that Capcom is working on other projects. Like Resident Evil 4 remake and etc. Yet it is great to see how dedicated fans re-imagines classic titles through their own eyes.

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