Report: A new version of Source Engine could be in Development for CSGO

The introduction of Source 2 has been a long-awaited tease by Valve for CSGO. The devs hoped that this would spring new life into the almost decade-old game as well as please the fans. There had been a lot of demonstration videos for the new engine creating hype until it was canceled in 2020.

Source 2 promised a lot of new features for the old game. Along with major graphical updates, it featured dynamic lighting and better reflections. Also, it was capable of delivering a more interactive environment which was just not possible in the previous engine. This had the fans excited and stoked for whats to come.

But in July, 2020, Valve had an internal meeting and decided to scrap the project. The sheer amount of work necessary to port the game as well as the community content into a new engine was simply too daunting of a task. But if they managed to find a way to do it or find an alternative, there would still be hope for CSGO in getting a new game engine.

Third iteration of CSGO

According to Gabe Follower on Twitter who is a reliable source concerning any information about valve, he found that the latest major Dota 2 update had strings referring to CSGO’s engine. The new file when compared to the older version, had strings removed named “version 2” and “component source2”. Also, new lines of code were added named “version 3” and component “unassigned”. This is definitely big news and has the possibility of a new engine being developed for CSGO.

Whether if there is a new engine planned for CSGO is still unknown. But if the information is true, there is definitely a reason to be excited for the CSGO Community.

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