Renegades staff team retires due to negligence of authority?

Recently one of the staff members of Renegades tweeted out his resignation from Renegades.

A professional e-sports organization that fields teams in Overwatch, CSGO and many more games. In his tweet, he linked his reasons and what made him quit the job. On his tweet, his 5 fellow coworkers also declared their resignation.

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From what it seems, we can assume that the management of Renegades is at fault. As Sozo quoted:
The flow-on impact can be felt on all fronts and it causes disruption. When a leader uses scapegoats and doesn’t accept faults, yells at his people for not bringing results, lies to players and staff, tries to divide staff against each other, says one thing and does another – the organization can not grow. When I talk leadership, I mean at the very top

However, nothing has been confirmed yet whether the authority of the staff members is at fault we are still waiting for the official announcement from renegades on this matter. We can now wait and watch how the Renegades authority resolves this.

How will the organization cope up with this problem is the question. Will they reply to this problem or just run away from it? However, the biggest question which remains is that, whether the players of the team will be okay and wont lose their moral after seeing staffs quit.

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