Release Date for the Fortnite Baba Yaga Skin Apparently Leaked

The Fortnite Baba Yaga skin was leaked with the release of the Fortnitemares 14.40 update. Apparently, a recent leak has confirmed the release date for the skin.

Fortnitemares is in full swing with the recent 14.40 update. Fortnite item shops each day are getting flooded with Halloween themed skins. There were also a lot of skins that got leaked after the 14.40 Fortnitemares update. The Fortnite Baba Yaga skin is also one of the skins that got leaked at that time. Apparently, the release date for the Baba Yaga skin has also been leaked recently.

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Baba Yaga Skin release Date:

According to a leaker name ShiinaBr we got the release date for when the Baba Yaga skin will be coming to the item shop. According to Shiina, the leak is apparently from a trusted source that has provided correct information on leaks in the past.

As with all other leaks take this with a grain of salt as Epic might change the release date for the Baba Yaga skin.

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