Reddit User Shows The Most Efficient Way To Use Shockwave Grenade in Fortnite

A Reddit user has discovered the most efficient way to use a shockwave grenade for endgame rotation in Fortnite.

Shockwave grenades and Bouncers were both unvaulted at the beginning of Fortnite Chapter 2 season 4. Both of them are a great way to rotate during the last moving zones. Trickshotters also use them to pull off sick trick shots. Usually, when casual players see shockwave grenades they ignore them. But for competitive players, they can often mean rotating in time and placing high on the leaderboards.

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An efficient way to use shockwaves

A Reddit user by the name logan_hallahan9 has shown the most effective way to use shockwave grenades to travel the maximum distance at an incredible speed.

In the post that he made on Reddit, he showed off a great technique to use shockwaves in conjunction with bouncers to cover the maximum distance possible.

For this trick to work you will need both shockwave grenade and bouncers. First, place a wall and put a bouncer on it. Then place a cone in front of the bouncer. After that hold the shockwave grenade in your hand and walk forward. The bouncer will try to push you but the cone will help you stay in place. After that just throw the shockwave grenade at the bouncer and you will travel faster and further than if you only used a shockwave or bouncer.

He also explained where to aim the shockwave grenade for maximum effectiveness. He said,

“I found the best place to throw it is to aim the first line in the crosshair (the longer line) right on the flat part of the bottom arrow. This will keep you low and far in hopes you don’t get beamed trying it!”.

logan_hallahan9 explains how to make the trick work
logan_hallahan9 explains how to make the trick work Credit: logan_hallahan9

This technique is great for moving in player packed end game. This simple technique might help you get a high placement in competitive Fortnite.

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