Reddit is going crazy about Respawn not addressing about SBMM

Reddit is going crazy

Apex Legends subreddit has been swarmed with posts about SBMM in the last couple of weeks. And it is making players mad that Respawn is not willing to address this issue.

Some weeks ago developers of Apex Legends introduced controversial skill based matchmaking or SBMM. This was implemented in the normal public matchmaking despite having a ranked competitive mode available since season 2. Pro players have been really vocal about his change. Pro players are saying that SBMM is killing the game for pro players. Some streamers are even joking that you need to warm up in ranks in order to play public matches these days.

The reaction of gamers is extremely mixed on Reddit and other user forums. Some gamers on Reddit are saying that it is totally justifying. May gamers are also saying that complaining that only “sweaty” players are complaining about SBMM. On the other hand, some players feel really disappointed that Respawn implemented such a matchmaking system in a public match. Every day there are at least 4-5 new threads that are being created in Reddit. Many users in Reddit are claiming that they will leave this game if Respawn does not fix SBMM.

Respawn has been really silent on this matter. Recently ACEU who is one of the best players at the moment is claiming that if Apex doesn’t fix their issues asap they will lose their pro players. ACEU also claimed that most players will move onto games like Project A if Respawn don’t fix the issue.

Respawn in this case is put in a really difficult place. Their community is really mixed on SBMM but they have to meet their financial goal. How Respawn will attend to this problem only the future will tell.

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