Recon Expert, The New Default Skin of Fortnite

Fortnite just released the Recon Expert skin in the item shop and it has become the new default skin in Fortnite as everyone is using this skin.

Og skins are a symbol of experience and pride for some players. Players who own the Renegade Raider, pink Ghoul Trooper, or the purple Skull Trooper can show it off.

Players sometimes swarm the owner of these skins in order to get a closer look at these skins. And kids surely will send friend requests to the owners of OG skins in Fortnite. OG skin owners are similar to celebrities in the Fortnite community.

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Is the concept of OG good?

Fortnite sometimes holds off on releasing a skin to the item shop for a long time in order to create artificial demand. Players who don’t have the skin want it very badly. And players who have it show it off.

By using this tactic Fortnite creates an artificial demand for that skin. After that when it comes back to the item shop the sale increases a lot.

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If we look at the Recon Expert skin without it’s OG factor then we can clearly understand that it’s not a very special skin. There are far more visually appealing skins. But people are hungry for the Recon Expert skin because it’s considered OG. Removing the OG factor from Recon Expert would make its sales very low.

Furthermore having the concept of OG skins makes account buying and selling a thing. Players buy accounts that have OG skins for a very high price. Buying and selling Fortnite accounts is illegal according to Epic Games. But they are the ones introducing the concept of OG skins and encouraging people to buy or sale accounts.

Some account with OG skins are sold for thousands of dollars. Here are some examples of such accounts which have a very high price because of OG skins.

Players are always buying and selling accounts but Fortnite is encouraging Prices like $7500 because of OG skins or skins that were missed.

Recon Expert is the new Default

Fortnite just released the Recon Expert skin in the item shop. Players considered it to be the most OG skin of all time. The last time it was in the item shop was in 2017. It came back to the item shop after 928 days. So it’s no wonder everyone is buying this skin. But what they do not understand is that this skin returning to the item shop means the OG factor is gone.

But players are still buying this skin in large numbers which have resulted in the Fortnite lobbies being full of Recon Expert skins. The same thing happened when Epic brought previous OG skins back to the item shop.

A Reddit clip posted by a user named ‘The Ice King’ shows us that Recon Expert has become the new default skin in Fortnite.

Seasonal Battle Pass exclusive is fine and makes players want to play the game more but the fake OG skins are made by Epic. Epic manipulates it’s player base in a very subtle way with the concept of OG skins to increase sales and earn extra cash.

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