Recent Leaks Have Revealed the Full Ghost Rider Bundle in Fortnite

Recent leaks have revealed the full Ghost Rider Bundle that is yet to arrive in the Fortnite item shop.

The Ghost Rider skin was leaked almost a month ago in the Fortnite X Marvel Comic Covers. Recently Fortnite announced the Ghost Rider cup as part of the Marvel Knockout Super Series. The Ghost Rider Cup is supposed to be held on 4th November and top scorers in each region will get free early access to the skin. That means that the skin will be out in the item shop at least 3 days later if we compare it with the Daredevil skin.

Recent leaks have revealed the full Ghost Rider bundle ahead of its arrival in the item shop. This can help players decide if the skin is worth getting. If you think the Ghost Rider skin is worth it then you can decide to participate in the Ghost Rider Cup to have a chance at getting the skin. You can also wait for it to come to the item shop to get it once it releases.

Ghost Rider cup winners will only get the skin and backbling for free. So if you participate in the Ghost Rider Cup and win then you only need to buy the glider, wrap and pickaxe. This can save you some VBucks.

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Ghost Rider Bundle:

Thanks to Lucas7Yoshi, who is a renowned leaker in the Fortnite community, we can see the full Ghost Rider bundle even before it’s release. The bundle will have the Ghost Rider skin, Infernal Chains backbling, Ghost Glider, Soulfire Chains, and Skull Fire wrap. The Soulfire Chains pickaxe has been showcased later in the article.

Here are all of the Ghost Rider bundle items in-game thanks to another leaker called HYPEX. In the video, we can see all of the Ghost Rider bundle items in-game along with their VFX effects and sound.

So, What are your thoughts on the Ghost Rider bundle coming to Fortnite? Are you going to participate in the Ghost Rider Cup for a chance to win the skin or wait for it to be available in the Fortnite item shop?

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