Recent data proves Mirage is currently the most popular map in CSGO

Surprisingly, Mirage is at the top

Mirage is probably one of the most recognized maps in CSGO’s history. Recent data proves that Mirage is currently the most popular map in CSGO followed by Inferno and Dust 2.

After analyzing all the data from one million recent matches in both MM and FACEIT, it is pretty clear that Mirage is at the top. And surprising no one Vertigo is the least favorite choice among CSGO players.

CSGO map data
Image Via u/SunTzuYAO

What really surprised a lot of die-hard fans was the fact that Dust 2 was not at the top when it comes to popularity. Surprising everyone Mirage took the crown for the most played map.

What makes Mirage so great?

CS:GO Mirage map
Image Via Valve

Mirage was added with the release of Global Offensive. Since this is one of the classic maps of Counter-strike, different iteration of the map has made its way into different versions of the game. In 2012, with the release of CSGO, Valve also remade Mirage from the ground up.

Mirage has this distinct balance to it. Both attackers and defenders usually have pretty fair advantages over each other. The whole map design has this classic counter-strike vibe to it.

However, both Inferno and Dust 2 are also great maps depending on whom you ask. All of them showcases what great competitive map design looks like.


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