Rainbow Six Y5S4.3 Patch Notes: Ash & Zofia nerfed, Buck and Echo buffed

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Rainbow Six Siege Y5S4.3 Patch has been released on the test servers today, and it introduced a lot of new changes to the existing operators in Siege.

Operation Neon Dawn’s mid-season balancing patch is finally here, and Ubisoft has tweaked many operators to bring their effectiveness and popularity closer together.

We reported on a leak yesterday, which stated that Zofia would be losing her Withstand ability, and now it seems like the leak was indeed correct. With Patch Y5S4.3, Ubisoft will be removing some of the “hidden” mechanics of the game, which means the passive abilities of Zofia and Ela will finally be gone. So Zofia will no longer be able to withstand, and concurrently Ela is also losing her “extra” mine.

Ash will also get a slight nerf on her breaching rounds. On the other hand, Buck will be getting more ammo on his shotgun, and Echo is receiving some quality of life changes to make the drones feel snappier.

Read the full patch notes down below (via Ubisoft).

Y5S4.3 Full Patch Notes:



  • Reduced Breaching Round explosive damage range to 2 meters (from 3.5 meters)


  • Increased shotgun’s total ammo to 30+1 (from 26)
  • Added Hard Breach Charge (Removed Claymore)


  • Reduced Yokai drone jump cooldown to 2s (from 3s)
  • Reduced drone time-out failing to stick to the ceiling to 0.5s (from 2s)
  • Reduced Sonic Burst cooldown to 16s (from 20s)


  • Removed resistance to Concussion effects
  • Removed “extra” mine while in DBNO


  • Removed 1-shot-DNBO from CSRX300.
    • CSRX300 now has base damage of 122 for 25 meters.
    • 100% damage until 25 meters and linearly falls to 80% (97.6) at 35 meters
    • Damage to the limbs has not changed.


  • Removed 1.5x scope from the T-5


  • Added Claymore (Removed Hard Breach Charge)


  • Removed Angled Grip from the MP5


  • Removed 1.5x scope from the Vector .45 ACP


  • Removed resistance to Concussion effects
  • Removed Withstand
  • Reduced impact grenade explosive damage range to 2m (was 3m)


  • Removed (set to 0) the camera penalization during the Guard Break animation


  • Reduced deployment time to 2s (from 3s)
  • Reduced activation time to 5s (from 6s)


  • Improved recoil for: ARX, Spear 308, C8, Para, M1014, and TCSG12


Ranked Match Cancellation

  • Timer has been extended to allow disconnected player more time to rejoin a match in progress.
  • Fixing known abuses occurring when players end the first round prematurely, preventing the opposing team from cancelling the match.


  • FIXED – Disabling Hostage in matchmaking preferences prevents users from matchmaking into a Road to S.I. match.
  • FIXED – Players are having loadouts reset after playing an Event.

For a full list of bug fixes visit here.

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