Rainbow Six Siege’s next season is called “Operation: Crimson Heist”

Ubisoft has confirmed earlier today that Rainbow Six Siege’s Year 6 Season 1 will be called “Operation: Crimson Heist”.

The first teaser for the upcoming season of Rainbow Six Siege has been released, revealing the new season’s official name and even a glimpse of the new operator.

The teaser doesn’t provide much info on the new season, although we now know that the new operator will be a male. The unknown operator’s silhouette is seen, wearing glowing ‘crimson’ glasses. The caption states “getting the job done can sometimes require a more creative approach,” which might hint towards the creative ability of the new operator.

From the teaser alone, the new operator does look a lot like Glaz’s Elite skin; however, this indeed is a new operator. But currently, we do not have any official information about his ability or gadgets.

Ubisoft has confirmed in their top issues blog that they are working on a streamer mode, which will be finally introduced in Year 6. Along with this, the devs are working to remove bullet hole peeks, better stun grenades consistency, and more, which will be revealed in the Year 6 reveal panel this week.

Although the Six Invitational has been postponed, Ubisoft will continue their ‘Year-End’ celebration on Feb. 21st at 6:00 PM CET. So make sure to tune in live at Twitch.tv/Rainbow6, and watch the exciting show with a chance to earn ‘esports packs’ Twitch Drops.