Rainbow Six Siege’s MUTE Protocol Event temporarily disabled due to an invisibility exploit

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Ubisoft recently announced the new limited-time event for Rainbow Six Siege called the ‘MUTE Protocol’ event. The event has been live for a couple of days only, and players have already found an exploit that turns themselves completely invisible.

So the devs have now decided to temporarily deactivate this event, and work for a fix. But not to worry, as the much popular event will be returning shortly after this issue has been ironed out. Both the event and its related Club Challenges will be extended, so players will still have the time to receive the limited-time Alpha packs.

Invisible Glitch

The new movement mechanism in this game mode allowed players to access places of the ‘Tower’ map, which couldn’t have been done before. So just by dropping your drone down into the middle of the map removes the character’s hitbox, turning them invincible while still being able to shoot.

However, according to the updated TOS by Ubisoft, exploiting these in-game glitches can get you permanently banned. So don’t try these bugs and glitches just for fun, as it ruins the experience for other players.

It is kinda unfortunate for the devs, as the whole Rainbow Six Siege community really appreciated this new game mode because it introduced a bit of fresh air to this competitive shooter. You could check out the dev interview and some gameplay brought to us by IGN.

The MUTE Protocol event was supposed to end on August 17th, but now we have to wait for the fix and the new deadline.

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