Rainbow Six Siege’s inverted sound bug has reportedly been fixed by Ubisoft

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege has a long history with in-game sound issues. And Ubisoft has reportedly fixed one of the most infuriating sound bugs in Patch Y5S3.1, which was causing the inverted audio problem.

Many players are complaining that the sound issues are getting worse in Siege in recent years. This is why, Ubisoft has highlighted sound problems in their top-issues blog, and they are working hard to rebuild large parts of the sound system in the game.

“We’ve reached the conclusion that we need to rebuild large parts of it, starting with the way sounds are packaged and connected to the game. We are aiming to begin releasing the sound repackaging in Season 3. However, the full rebuild of the entire sound propagation and sound interactions systems is a major undertaking that will not be finalized in Year 5,” said Ubisoft in their Status Report blog.

Ubisoft’s first goal was to repackage how the sound was stored, as this would have made it easier for them to work on the audio aspect of the game. Although this repackaging didn’t drop with the launch of Operation Shadow Legacy, it seems like the devs are still making progress in solving some of these sound issues.

Following the Y5S3.1 update on PC, our teams can no longer reproduce the inverted audio issues,” said Ubisoft in their recent tweet.

“Our latest patch notes mention a fix for sound effects going missing after using a drone. We believe that the inverted audio was linked to this issue and that both are now fixed.”

The Y5S3.1 patch reportedly fixes the inverted sound bug, which was the cause of a lot of frustration for Siege players. Many users reported that this bug happened often when players alt-tabbed out of their game or switched between camera views quickly. The only workaround for this issue was to restart your whole game and then connect back into your match, which is not the ideal solution.

However, the inverted audio bug might still occur due to other things. So if you happen to experience this again then report it to R6Fix, as they’ll try to reproduce the bug in order to find the root of the problem.

In Patch Y5S3.1, Ubisoft also removed the vote-to-kick option from their Quick Match playlist and introduced a bunch of bug fixes. You can find the full patch notes here.

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