Rainbow Six Siege Year 5 Leak Reveals New Operators

Trusted Russian User, who previously leaked Kali and Wamai’s gadgets, has got some new data on R6S Year 5.

Year 5 Season 1 Russian leak
Source: Reddit

Reddit user, Maxinik03, translated this Year 5 leak in his post which reveals the following:

New operators nicknamed, Oryx and Yana, are gonna be introduced in Year 5 Season 1.

Defender, Oryx, is a 130kg male, eastern appearance and he breaches walls with his body (just like Smasher from Outbreak event). Yeah, according to the leak, Oryx is sounding like the Juggernaut of R6S universe. His weaponry consists of MP5(no ACOG), SPAS-12(Valkyrie’s sg), Bailiff 410 (Judged) and USP40.

Yana Oryx

Attacker, Yana, is a female with likeable appearance😏 (on the level of Ela). At the moment her gadget seems really weird and vague- she sends some kind of a hologram that she can control, but that’s all about it. Her weaponry is ARX200 with the ability to place a vertical grip, G36C(Ash’s other rifle) and MK1 9MM(Canadian secondary).

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In addition, the leak hints at Y5S2 Operators as well.

Y5S2 defender- a female with African appearance, codenamed “Slowpoke“. Her gadget slows enemies(to a speed where they walk like in barbed wire), also she can mark hostile’s gadgets through cams. Her weapons are only halfway revealed: they are T-5 SMG and Super 90.

Moreover, the Next elite sets are also planned for Buck and Zofia. There is also a note, in the end, saying Ubisoft is planning on their own Battle Royale game. However, it won’t be in Rainbow Six Siege.

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The Redditor also added: “Take everything with a pinch of salt, especially the Y5S2 leak, everything’s a bit vague even for reading in Russian, but it fits with the leaks we had before“.


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