Rainbow Six Siege next “Tour De Force” Battle Pass coming on June 29th

Rainbow Six Siege recently received its latest season Operation Steel Wave. The Y5S2 update brings two new operators to the game Ace and Melusi, House map rework, and much more.

Ubisoft also launched a one-minute trailer for Steel Wave, where they teased the new Battle Pass for this season titled “Tour De Force“.

Rainbow Six Siege’s “Tour De Force” battle pass will feature a vast collection of cosmetic items, unlockable in a multi-tier progression system. The same battle pass system will continue here with two tracks: the “Free” track and the “Premium” track. The premium track will feature more rewards but will cost players 1,200 R6 Credits, with a 30 percent discount for Year 5 Pass holders.

However, unlike the previous battle passes the third iteration of the battle pass will contain 10 additional tiers, totaling to a 45-tier reward track. We’re not yet sure which operators will receive these cosmetic items, but the teaser video confirms new uniforms for Nokk, Twitch, Rook, Fuze, and Maverick. There will also be some new motorcycle-themed cosmetic items, as the battle pass name resembles of “Tour de France“.

Siege’s “Tour De Force” battle pass is scheduled to be released on June 29th, just two weeks after the release of Steel Wave. In the meantime, you could unlock and play with Ace and Melusi as the early access period for Year 5 owners had ended.

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