Rainbow Six Siege to get new Streamer mode, better Anti-cheat system, and more in Year 6

Rainbow Six Siege devs have just confirmed that they are working on a new Streamer mode, better anti-cheat measures, MnK problem on consoles, and more in their updated top issues blog.

A streamer mode has been a long-requested feature in Rainbow Six Siege, with many popular streamers asking Ubisoft to add this mode to improve their Siege stream experience. The lack of this mode has led to severe frustrations for many Siege streamers and even prevented some of them to publicly share their live gameplays.

Ubisoft will try to mitigate this issue by finally introducing a new streamer mode in the first half of Year 6. “The purpose of Streamer Mode is to protect our content creators with settings that allow them to increase their anonymity while streaming. The settings intend to discourage and prevent disruptive players from using streamers’ public information in a toxic way.”

The settings work to prevent two major disruptive behaviors:

  • Queue Sniping: When players taunt or kill a streamer after deliberately queuing at the same time as them.
  • Stream Sniping: When players intentionally use another players live-stream for information, or to act in a toxic manner because they are aware of the live-stream.


Fighting cheaters has been a long-running battle for Siege devs, and they won’t stop making lives difficult for these hackers anytime soon. With Operation Neon Dawn, additional measures and fixes will be released to help the cheating problem. The devs even invited all the players to use the in-game reporting panel to flag any cheater.


Many players might have faced severe connectivity issues during Operation Shadow Legacy, and now Siege team have addressed this issue in their blog. Ubisoft will be working closely with their server partners and continue to improve this issue in the future.

“Additionally, we continue to have a closer look at the current connectivity issues and are exploring potential improvements. A more in-depth communication should be released at some point in the future, we would like to offer the community a better understanding of our infrastructure and challenges.”

Check out the further information Ubisoft has shared in their blog.


Description: We are making progress on the matter, but it’s a very challenging task and we are unable to predict the outcome of our investigations at this time.

Status: Ongoing


Description: In close collaboration with our partners, new ways of mitigating DDoS attacks have been deployed. According to our metrics, we believe that we made significant progress on the topic and that we are seeing a notable reduction of the phenomenon.

We are also aware that the situation is not solved for everyone and that it remains an issue for some of our players. We will keep on working on the topic and provide regular updates.

Status: Ongoing


Description: It is possible to drop the defuser in locations where it cannot be picked up again by running over it. Often outside of the map, in cracks, gaps between objects, holes, etc.

To fix this, we created a ‘Pickup Defuser’ interaction that works at a distance. It will aim for defuser retrieval to act like picking up any other gadget.

We deployed this new system during Y5S.3.3 but we encountered some complications. We hope to release a newer version very soon.

Status: During Y5S4


Description: Single bullet holes are often used to gain an advantage during gunfights. We recognize that this situation can be quite frustrating for some players who couldn’t spot the bullet hole from the distance. We are currently exploring different options to make smaller bullet holes more easily noticeable or unusable for such situations. We have made substantial progress and are quite confident about this solution. There is still some work to be done and we are not quite ready to share more for now.

Status: Y6S2


Description: Certain Operator skins are notorious for blending quite effectively within the environment. This led to situation where players considered to be victim of an unfair advantage. We are investigating how to make Operators stand out a bit more from the environment.

Our goal is to let everyone pick and choose their skins without providing any sort of advantage. We will proceed with caution on that topic, as we don’t want this solution to clash with the general art direction of the game.

Status: During Y6


Description: Following numerous community feedback, we have decided to reconsider the audio tinnitus triggered upon taking damage. We acknowledged that the reduced sound feedback was having a very strong impact on gunfights and could lead to some frustration.

By substantially reducing the tinnitus, we hope to offer fairer gunfights and a better chance to win duels.

Status: Y5S4


Description: The rework intends to make flash detection more reliable. Enemies are often not affected by flashes due to objects and obstacles. We want to simulate the light ricocheting with the environment, to improve the effectiveness of flashbangs & other similar gadgets.

Due to shifting priorities, we hope to address this topic a bit later during Year 6.

Status: Y6S2

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