Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave: All New Changes Introduced

Ubisoft just streamed the full reveal of the new Y5S2 of Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Steel Wave. The exciting new season will bring the community two new operators Ace and Melusi, along with some fresh new changes.


Ace, the new 2 speed 2 armor attacker from Norway, will use his S.E.L.M.A. AQUA BREACHER to sequentially breach reinforced surfaces. Each S.E.L.M.A. device will make 3 subsequent breaches on a reinforced wall unless they are destroyed in the process. Unlike Thermite the S.E.L.M.A. device is a throwable gadget so you can breach walls from a distance.

Ace will carry three of these devices, so this will bring a lot of hard-breaching utility in the team. However, to break a hatch completely you will need to use two of the devices so use them wisely. The gadgets will also destroy other defender utilities like Castle barricades and deployable shields.


Melusi, the new 3 speed 1 armor defender from South Africa, will carry three bulletproof Banshee devices. Her gadget will be activated whenever an attacker comes nearby to its area, producing a loud distorting sound and slowing down the attacker’s movement.

Just like Maestro and Bulletproof cams, her gadgets need to be dealt with extra utilities like Ash’s breach charge or by getting close and meleeing it. Even if she dies early in the round her Banshee devices will work as an intel-gathering device, which is a huge bonus.

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Amaru Buff

In Y5S2, Amaru will be receiving quite important changes making her a more viable. From now on, she will only break barricades when she goes through them (although her hook will still break the glass on a window), making it more of a surprise for the defenders.

Also, Amaru won’t need to break a hatch before grappling up, making her quicker and stealthier. Will that make her too unpredictable? Well, we’ll have to test and find out.

House Rework

House has received a fresh new look in this new map rework. Here’s some of the biggest changes described by Ubisoft:

Firstly, Garage has been revamped, with only one of its doors being destructible and a new barricade being added to give a different access option, while still making a Defuser plant harder. Lines of sight have been reduced on the North side of the building, with the main door being blocked off and the shuttered window replaced with a hallway.

New Proximity Alarm

The new secondary defender gadget is an essential intel-gathering tool. The small sticky gadget will produce a loud beeping sound whenever an attacker passes near it. So this should help the defenders to watch their flanks more effectively.


“In order to prevent matchmaking abuses while switching regions, we will be changing to unified MMRs for each playlist. This means that you will not have different MMRs depending on the region you play in. However, your matchmaking ranking will remain separate in different playlists”.

“For those of you who are or aspire to be in the Champions rank, this change will in fact cause the Champions’ leaderboard to be worldwide, making it all the more challenging to reach that top spot. Additionally, we want to reinforce that the notion that Champions is not just about skills but also about dedication, so a minimum of 100 matches is now required to get the rank, on top of the 5000 MMR threshold”- Ubisoft.


Echo has finally received an elite skin, which will surely make every Echo mains out there quite happy. This set contains Echo’s Tenkamusou uniform, victory animation, gadget skin for his Yokai Drones and weapon skins for the SUPERNOVA, MP5SD, P229, and BEARING 9, as well as the Elite Echo Chibi charm.

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