Rainbow Six Siege Operation Shadow Legacy: All New Changes Introduced

Ubisoft just revealed the new season Operation: Shadow Legacy coming to Rainbow Six Siege, which will bringing iconic Sam Fisher as a playable operator. This season also brings a plethora of exciting additions and changes to this popular FPS shooter.

Sam “Zero” Fisher

The legendary stealth agent from Ubisoft’s famous game series, Splinter Cell, will be joining Team Rainbow under the operator name ‘Zero’. Sam Fisher will be the first member of the new “Rainbow Operations Staff” (ROS) CTU and he will be equipped with the ‘Argus Launcher’ as his primary gadget.

Credit: Coreross

Zero, the new 2 speed 2 armor attacker, will use his “Argus Launcher” to deploy a camera that burrows onto both soft and reinforced walls to provide a two-way view to the attackers. Each camera is equipped with one laser charge that can be used to break Defender gadgets such as bandit batteries or even deal 5 damage to the Defender’s health.

Sam Fisher also brings the new SC3000K Assault Rifle in his primary loadout, along with the MP7 SMG (with a 1.5x scope). As Zero‘s secondary sidearm, his only option is the suppressed 5.7 USG Handgun, and finally, for his secondary gadget, he will have the choice to pick between grenades or claymore.

Chalet: Map Rework

Operation Shadow Legacy changes

Chalet finally received some love from the devs, and was reworked to address some of the complaints it had. Most part of the map got opened up to increase movement with new rotational route to blue stairs and interior staircase that joins to trophy room.

New secondary gadget: Hard Breach charge

Shadow legacy new hard breach tool
Image: Ubisoft

Also coming to Operation Shadow Legacy is the new Attacker secondary gadget, which now can change up the whole line-up of your team. This new hard-breaching tool can make small holes in both soft or reinforced walls and you can even vault or crouch through this hole. Attackers can also destroy reinforced hatches with this gadget, making it very useful on certain sites.

The gadget also has a six-second activation time, so can be tricked easily by the defenders. However, only a few selected operators will have access to this secondary tool, so it won’t directly replace your dedicated hard-breaching operators. But will now allow more exotic operator lineup.

The operators that has access to this new gadget includes: Fuze, Capitao, Ying, Lion, Finka, Montagne, Nokk, and Amaru.

New Gameplay Changes

Ping 2.0

Operation SHadow legacy
Image: Ubisoft

Announced back in Six Invitational 2020, the new ping system will be released with Operation Shadow Legacy, allowing players to ping gadgets precisely and highlight them on their teammate’s HUD. The ping 2.0 might be game changing particularly for solo-queuers, who play without a mic, so this will enable smoother communications between the teammates.

Thatcher EMP changes

To make gameplay more consistent, all gadgets will now only be disabled by Thatcher’s EMP grenades instead of destroying them. So this will slightly change how bandit-tricking works as now the disabled batteries would have to be picked up to be deployed again.

Map Bans

Another feature that was teased back in SI 2020 was map bans, and they are finally here. Map bans will be first introduced into Ranked and Unranked playlists only. So before the operator ban phase, both teams will now simultaneously vote for a map ban out of the three map choices offered, and the third ‘unbanned’ map will be selected for the match. If both teams ban the same map, then a randomly selected map will be played from the remaining two options.

Reinforcement Pools

The defending teams will now have a combined pool of 10 reinforcements, instead of 2 per every defender. This will finally allow operators, who needs more time to set up their gadgets (eg. Jager) can relax and leave it to other operators with shorter site-setups (eg. Pulse, Caveira). In the competitive scene, this will play an even important role, as effective time-management can be very crucial for the round.

Also a new feature to be tested in the TS is the default reinforced roof hatches. This change most likely won’t be making it into this new season, but might be implemented in the future after receiving community feedback.

Match Replay

Another feature that will be tested in Operation Shadow legacy is the match replay system. This feature will allow players to record their most recent matches, and watch it just like the spectator with various camera placements and angles.

New Scopes

Credit: Coreross

A lot of fresh new sight attachments have also been added in this new season, with different magnifications at 1.5x, 2.0x, and 3.0x (available only on DMRs). There is also a new Accessibility tab in the option menu to change up your reticle color and opacity. Check out more details here about new scopes in this video.

All of the new changes will be live on the Technical Test Server, which should be available by tomorrow. So try out the new changes for yourself, and keep following us for the latest updates of Rainbow Six Siege.

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