Rainbow Six Siege new Leak reveals season 3 & 4 Operators and more

Spoilers Ahead!

A new leak has surfaced in the Rainbow Six Siege community, showing the first glimpse at the new operator gadgets, secondary hard breacher, and more.

Reddit user Zer0Bytes shared this leak in the R6S subreddit, grabbing attention of Siege players around the world.

According to the leak, Scout is the new attacker joining the game in Y5S3, while Aruni the new defender is expected to be released in Y5S4.


R6s Y5S3 Scout

Scout, the new attacker, has been listed as “classified” in Ubisoft’s Year 5 roadmap, so we don’t have any information about his country of origin yet. However, the character will most likely be from the same unit as Sam Fisher from the splinter cell series.

The iconic character of Sam Fisher comes from the Splinter Cell video games and novels. Scout is also likely to be part of “Third Echelon”, a sub-division within NSA, where Sam Fisher formerly worked.

Scout has a special camera gadget when fired from his unique launcher the cameras adhere to the wall. He can then remotely control the cameras and shoot projectiles from them at defenders, with each pellet dealing 5 damage.

Scout will have the SC3000K assault rifle from the splinter cell series, the MP7 SMG, and a 5.7 USG handgun in his loadout. He can also grab a grenade or claymore as his secondary gadget.


Aruni will be the new defender in the game, who has a gadget named “laser reinforcement“. Aruni’s unique gadget allows her to place a grid of lasers in doorways, dealing 40 damage to attackers and gets disabled once attackers pass through them twice. She will have three of these gadgets, so she might work very well as a Castle alternative.

Aruni also has a prosthetic arm, allowing her to make larger sized melee holes in soft walls. She can use her arm to create rotations also, but it won’t be that time-efficient. Aruni will have the MK 14 EBR, P10 Roni SMG, and a PRB92 Handgun in her loadout. She also has the option of barbed wire or a bulletproof camera as her secondary gadget.

Secondary Hard Breacher

r6s secondary hard breacher leak

Back in Six Invitational 2020, Ubisoft announced that they will be bringing a new secondary hard breaching tool for attackers. The new gadget will make small circular holes in walls and floors, although we are not sure yet if it’ll completely destroy reinforced hatches or not.

The leaked video shows Nokk using the gadget, but we don’t have any information on which additional operators will have access to this new item.

New ADS sensitivity

Rainbow Six Siege has only one slider for ADS sensitivity for both the 1x and the 2.5x ACOG sight. But the leak suggests this might change in the future, as the devs are planning to add new sliders for the different scopes. Players also might get some new options for scope magnification and reticles.

However, take all this information with a grain of salt, as all of these additions are subject to change. We will have to wait until Ubisoft’s official announcement of the new season which is still months away. Siege players have a lot of exciting things to look out for in the future.

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