Rainbow Six Siege might become Free-To-Play in the Near Future

Rainbow Six Siege to become free-to-play

Rainbow Six Siege has recently reached the new peak for most players online at one time on steam. After all the success over the years, Siege devs shared their enthusiasm to reach more people than ever.

In a recent interview with pcgamer, Developers showed interest in this game becoming free to play someday. One of the dev said, “We want the game to be accessible to everyone “. The devs, however, are more focused on solving the smurfing issue that has been plaguing the Siege community for a while.

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With the announcement of Rainbow Siege’s new revamp to the competitive scene, many wonder if this game will ever be free to play to reach the highest amount of people possible.

Although having said that devs really think they have to move very carefully to implement a free-to-play model. It isn’t just as simple as making it free to play and at the same time add in more microtransaction to get it monetized.

You need certain features ready to be a good and successful free-to-play game


While he discussed that the whole team behind Siege wants the game to have the maximum number of players, the community is not so keen on the free-to-play model. There have been good free-to-play games and there also has been an example of games losing their previous player base after it got free for everyone.

In this age, big publishers would want to get the maximum players possible for the best return of their investment. With this in mind, we also have to see what the core audience that has supported the game for almost 5 years at this point wants.

This is a delicate balance that devs and publishers have to deal with. The possibility of this game becoming free-to-play at some point has already rubbed the whole community in the wrong way. Many voiced their concern over the fact that a free-to-play model, while it is good for the community, might introduce more unwanted hiccups for the actual player base itself.

Their fears are not without its merits as Team Fortress 2 is a good example of how a free-to-play model doesn’t always work out for the best. Hopefully, Siege devs can learn from the mistakes around them and can do a quality free-to-play experience for this amusing game.

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