Rainbow Six Siege latest season Operation Shadow Legacy silently drops on the live servers

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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Image: Ubisoft

Rainbow Six Siege‘s latest operation, Shadow Legacy, has officially dropped on the live servers today without any prior notice by Ubisoft.

Fans all around the world were confused about the lack of information for the release date of Operation Shadow Legacy. The latest update is being considered as one of the biggest seasonal updates since Operation Health in June 2017, and the only official information Ubisoft stated about the release date for this new season was with the “scheduled maintenance” post.

Rumors were floating around that the new update would be dropping during the Ubisoft Forward event, which is scheduled to start at 12 PM PDT.

But to everyone’s surprise, the new season went live after the maintenance period was over. It is still very confusing to see the sudden release of the new operation, and many players really didn’t expect this timing. We can’t tell for sure if this update timing was intended or just a slip-up from the team. Nevertheless, players can now download the update and try out all the new changes for themselves.

Rainbow Six Siege’s latest season Operation Shadow Legacy will be bringing Sam Fisher to the game as a playable operator, along with a much-requested Chalet map rework. But the list doesn’t end there, Ubisoft has introduced a plethora of game-changing features which include the new weapon sights, ping 2.0 system, new secondary hard-breaching tool, and much more.

Check out the final patch notes over here.

But Ubisoft might still have some new announcement left for Rainbow Six Siege, which is being teased for the Forward event. Some people are saying the game will now be using new Amazon GameLift servers instead of Microsoft Azure, which also might open up cross-progression capability. But none of this has been confirmed by Ubisoft as of yet.

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