Rainbow Six Siege has the worst battle pass system in a live service FPS

Worse value and worse return

As of now, there are a lot of battle pass systems that are available for FPS games. Among them, Rainbow Six Siege has the worst battle pass system when it comes to value for money.

For what it’s worth the others that flooding the market right now includes Fortnite, Apex and recent COD MW all have similar decent progression and reward economy.

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R6 siege battle pass

Reddit user ThuntReworkWhenUbi posted this pic to highlight the system and why it is concerning how much of a rip-off this battle pass is compared to others on the market. All other competitors are providing a hundred levels of progression and you get something at least decent at every other level.

This isn’t the case for R6. They offer the least content for almost the same amount of money. This battle pass also has worse returns than every other major competitor.

Fans on the R6 subreddit have shown their frustration of the progression system and the overall value provided by the battle pass. Most of the complaints were “Not only are we getting fewer operators, but we also don’t get the r6 credits that previously came with the season pass. Why are we not getting them? so we have to fork over more money for the BP“.

Members of the R6 community are reasonably upset at Ubisoft. Ubisoft hasn’t announced any kind of changes to the system at this moment. R6 fans are adamant that they want to see some kind of overhaul to the reward economy of this battle pass system.

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