Rainbow Six Siege gets new “Golden Gun 2.0” Arcade game mode

The Arcade Playlist is back!

Ubisoft has brought back the first Arcade game mode Golden Gun event in Rainbow Six Siege, which will be titled “Golden Gun 2.0”. And this time, the limited-time game mode will have different Operator and map pools.

Just like the previous Golden Gun event, players will play 3-minute secure-area rounds, but instead of only Oregon, there will be 3 different maps: Border, Coastline, and House. However, you will only have the special Golden Deagle, which will instantly kill an enemy with only one bullet. But if you miss you have to reload your weapon again, as the Deagle can only house a single bullet in its chamber.

Players will still be able to use all the operator’s abilities, gadgets, and will also have access to melee attacks.

In “Golden Gun 2.0”, Operators like Mira and Goyo, or any other with deployable shields won’t be available to be selected. This most likely has been done to prevent players from blocking bullets by holding the shields in front of their bodies. Meanwhile, to give defenders some time when the rounds start, Amaru has also been removed from the Operator pool.

Deagle Weapon Skin

Golden Gun 2.0
(Image captured in-game)

This golden weapon skin, called Extravagance, will be available to unlock for the D-50 with either 12500 Renown or 360 R6 Credits. However, you’ll need to swipe it fast because it will only be available for the duration of the Arcade game mode!

The “Golden Gun 2.0” limited-time mode starts today and will last for 5 days, ending on Monday, October 5th. So get ready to show off your flicks with this special golden Deagle before time runs out.

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