Rainbow Six Siege Fan shares new Concept for a Coastline rework

The map Coastline was introduced in Operation: Velvet Shell (Y2S1) of Rainbow Six Siege. Alongside Jackal and Mira, Coastline has been a great addition to this game, which still to this day most players don’t mind playing this map.

However, many will agree that some small map changes could be introduced to Coastline to make it more balanced and competitive for both the Attackers and Defenders. And Rainbow Six Siege player zMin did just that on his own, where he displayed his unique Coastline rework idea.

zMin shared on Twitter his finished concept for Coastline rework, where he changed up some portions of the map. He started by changing up the hallway near VIP, which is visible from the roof so he removed the metal bars and added two small windows instead of one giant window. This will help the defenders to move more freely throughout the map, instead of worrying about getting in the line of sight of the attackers.

Coastline is one of the maps, where you could bring no hard-breachers in your attacking line-up. So to change this up, zMin added two soft walls near the VIP balcony, so when reinforced you would need a hard-breacher to break into VIP. This means a bomb-site could also be removed from Theatre and added into VIP; however, zMin didn’t strictly state this idea.

Other small changes include removing the metal bars near kitchen, removing the wall beside the bookshelf in VIP, and more. You could check out all the before and afters down below.

These small changes will also be a lot simpler for the devs to implement rather than a complete map overhaul. So do you think Coastline needs some rework to keep it fresh? Or should it stay as it is?

r6s year 5 roadmap
Image: Ubisoft

Nevertheless, right now we know that Skyscraper will be receiving a map rework in Year 5 Season 3, and Chalet later in Y5S4. So stay tuned for the latest updates.

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