Rainbow Six Siege drops down to a Tier 2 Esports game in Q2 2020

Back in April 2020, Rainbow Six Siege was titled as a Tier 1 Esports game in the EsportsObserver’s Q1 2020 analysis.

Both the $3M prize pool of the Six Invitational 2020 and the huge influx of players Siege received when the COVID-19 pandemic started, helped the game to reach this title. Rainbow Six Siege jumped straight to the 4th place in EsportsObserver’s Impact index for Q1 of 2020.

Q2 2020 Analysis

Unfortunately, the game couldn’t keep the ‘Tier-1’ for very long, as the EsportsObserver demoted Rainbow Six Siege to Tier-2 in their Q2 2020 analysis.

The EsportsObserver took a number of data and analyzed it to create an Impact Index. Some of the indicators they took into account were the game’s monthly active players, Esports hour watched, number of tournaments, and more.

According to the Q1 2020 data, Rainbow Six Siege had a rating of 42.06 in the Impact Index, which dropped to 13.72 in Q2 2020. This large drop in the index resulted mostly because there weren’t any significant esports event for Rainbow Six after the ‘2020 Invitationals’.

Its Twitch viewership also slowed down to 34.9M hours watched for Q2 2020, but the fourth largest player base of all games in the Index helped Rainbow Six Siege secure rank seven in the current ranking,” stated EsportsObserver.

Rainbow Six Siege recently celebrated their 60 million player-base, and the devs still promised to deliver their goal of 100 operators.

Although the entire Siege community might not be interested in watching esports, Ubisoft announced the new Global Esports structure to expand this game further.

Unfortunately, the Six August 2020 Major LAN event has been cancelled. But the online regional ‘Mini-Major’ will still be taking place, which will definitely improve their future impact index. The ‘Mini-Major’ will start from August 3rd in the APAC region first, and later will be joined by NA and EU regions.

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