Rainbow Six Siege new “Attrition” Arcade mode is now live

Ubisoft just announced the next arcade playlist for Rainbow Six Siege, which will be titled as the “Attrition” game mode. This limited-time playlist will only last for this weekend as stated by Ubisoft.

Rainbow Six Siege’s Attrition mode will play like the normal “Bomb mode”, but there is a unique twist involved. After each round win, the winning team’s operator lineup will be banned for the rest of the match. Many of the Rainbow Six Siege players only use the current “meta” Operators, so this playlist will shake things up and force them to dive into other Operators.

Ubisoft has also unlocked every Operators in-game available for everyone for this limited-time. This will enable players to try out the Operators they had been eyeing to purchase in the future.

The “Attrition” game mode will also encourage players to try out more unique playstyles throughout the match. So, maybe now is the time to ditch your comfort Operators like Ash and Zofia and experiment with others to try and create new synergies between your teammates.

Ubisoft unveiled this new small-sized Arcade playlists from Operation Void Edge, where we got to experience the Golden Gun event. And now operation Steel Wave brings us the “Attrition” event to create some attention and bring more players into this game.

The limited-time event is now live and will last until July 13th. So go and try out this new playlist for yourself, before it’s too late.

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