Rainbow Six Shadow Legacy Battle Pass: The Best One Yet?

Ubisoft just rolled out the Operation Shadow Legacy update yesterday without any announcement. Along with the newly added operator, Sam ‘Zero’ Fisher, Ubisoft has dropped the biggest Battle Pass in Siege history, making Shadow Legacy one of the most hyped seasons of Rainbow Six Siege.

The new Shadow Legacy Battle Pass is packed with lots of amazing in-game cosmetics. With 70 tiers and two tracks of items, players will be able to earn a total of 94 items. This is almost double the number of items from the previous R6 Battle Pass, making it much more worth the money now.

The newest “Shadow Legacy” battle pass will follow the same multi-tier battle pass system, consisting of two tracks: the “Free” track and the “Premium” track. However, unlike the previous battle passes this time the Battle Pass will contain 25 additional tiers, totaling to a 70-tier reward track. The premium track of the Battle Pass costs 1200 R6 credits for non-year pass holders (840 credits for Y5 pass owners). There is also a PREMIUM BUNDLE costing 2400 credits, which will immediately unlock the first 12-tiers, giving you a headstart.

This time the list includes full uniforms for Amaru, Finka, Fuze, Gridlock, Hibana, Iana, Jackal, Lesion, Melusi, Mute, Nokk, Sledge, Vigil, and Zero. There are also some sleek-looking headgears, weapon skins, and attachments included. Plus you’ll get some alpha packs, renown boosters, and 600 credits back as a bonus, making this Battle Pass more appealing than ever.

Check out some of the amazing cosmetics from the Battle Pass.

Shadow Legacy battle pass challenges

Image: Ubisoft

Grinding through the 70 tiers might seem a little taxing at first, but to make the job easier Ubisoft added some personal challenges to earn battle points faster. Each player will have five personal challenges at first, and an additional team challenge will be added weekly which will net you 1000 battle points.

Here’s a list of all the challenges in the Shadow Legacy battle pass:

  • Below The Radar: Destroy 15 surveillance cameras (850 BP)
  • Blind enemies: Blind 30 enemies with stun grenades, Ying’s Candela, or Blitz’s Shield (850 BP)
  • Explosive kills: Kill 20 enemies with explosives (850 BP)
  • Rifle Expert: Reach the 50 rifle kills threshold (850 BP)
  • Sharpshooter: Reach the 50 headshots threshold (850 BP)

When does Shadow Legacy Battle Pass end?

Shadow Legacy Battle Pass will run from September 10th to October 19th, giving every players 39 days to unlock all the items. Once it finishes all the items will be gone for good, so make sure to grab all the items before the time expires.

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