Rainbow Six Parasite New Gameplay Footage Leaked Online

A new video has been leaked online, revealing more details about Rainbow Six Parasite’s (placeholder title for Rainbow Six Quarantine) gameplay.

According to few reports, Ubisoft was seen inviting people to privately test Rainbow Six Parasite, and it was indeed true. Although the players were made to sign a Non-disclosure agreement, few of them have now leaked some new details of the upcoming co-op shooter.

The new footage contains five minutes of R6 Parasite gameplay. Looking at the video from DBL Online, the gunplay seems very similar to Rainbow Six Siege with the operator’s special gadgets also returning.

This isn’t the first time Rainbow Six Parasite’s gameplay got leaked, as some private testers also shared some details a few weeks ago. However, from this new video, we can clearly see Siege operator Ela in action, as she’s trying to shoot down the alien-like creatures. The footage also reveals some eggs around the maps that can be shot, most likely, to reduce more aliens from spawning.

Some details about the loadout menu have also been shared, revealing new secondary gadgets that don’t exist in Siege such as Scan Grenade, Ammo Satchel, and Body Armour.

Ubisoft has yet to delete this leaked gameplay video from YouTube, but they are likely to remove it very soon. The official title for Rainbow Six Quarantine hasn’t been confirmed yet, but Ubisoft has confirmed the game is coming out before September 30, 2021.

Rainbow Six Quarantine will be available on PC, PS4 and PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S.

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