Rainbow Six North American League ‘Super Weeks’ is starting from next playday

Sadnan Nafis
By Sadnan Nafis
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(Image: Ubisoft)

Rainbow Six North American League 2021 season is set to kick-off ‘Super Weeks’, which will provide Siege fans more action than ever before.

Starting with the next week, Rainbow Six North American League will have back-to-back playdays, which means you’ll be able to see your favourite team play twice in just one week.

For Stage 1, Ubisoft has adjusted R6 NAL’s schedule to make room for the Six Invitational 2021, which is supposed to be held in May. This meant, the 9 playdays had to be spread across 5 weeks, so back-to-back playdays were scheduled. Week 3 and 4 of NAL will consist of two playdays, and Week 5 will have three back-to-back playdays to conclude Stage 1 of NAL.

While it might increase pressure for all the teams, viewers will be able to enjoy a jam-packed event to see who finishes Stage 1 on the top of the table.

After two playdays, Oxygen Esports is on top of the standings with two wins; however, it’s too early to predict if they’ll be able to hold that spot.

R6 NAL 2021 Playday 2 Standings

TeamRecordRound DiffPoints
1. Oxygen Esports2-0+66
2. DarkZero Esports2-0+45
3. beastcoast1-0+43
4. Spacestation Gaming1-0+43
5. TSM1-1+33
6. Susquehanna Soniqs1-1-13
7. Mirage0-2-51
8. Disrupt Gaming0-2-50
9. XSET0-2-90
Collected from Liquipedia

With Stage 2, however, ‘Super Week’ is no longer exist, as the 9 playdays will be held across 7 weeks.

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