Rainbow Six Mobile: All operators confirmed till now

Rainbow Six Mobile has been officially announced by Ubisoft, and it is coming soon to mobile devices. Here’s a list of all the operators that have been introduced to the game till now.

Rainbow Six Mobile is a new free-to-play game that will bring the core gameplay of Rainbow Six Siege to your mobile devices. This tactical first-person shooter mobile game will feature 5v5 PVP matches in the core game mode: Attack vs. Defense. The destructible environments and a variety of unique gadgets, which makes Siege special, will also be coming to the mobile release.

The devs have confirmed the first Closed Alpha testing will begin next week, and it will feature 16 operators from the Siege universe. Here’s the full list of all the operators that will be available in the upcoming Closed Alpha.



Image: Ubisoft


  • Primary Weapon: R4-C – Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG – Handgun
  • Unique Ability: Breaching Rounds
  • Gadget: Stun Grenades

Ash, one of the most popular Rainbow Six Siege operators, is bringing her soft-breaching rounds into the battlefield. However, the breaching launcher has been modified and now is attached under the gun barrel, similar to Buck’s main gadget. This breaching gadget can make holes in soft walls or even destroy bulletproof defender utilities such as deployable shields.


  • Primary Weapon: L85A2 – Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: SMG-11 – Machine Pistol
  • Unique Ability: Tactical Breaching Hammer
  • Gadget: Frag Grenade

Sledge is bringing his trusty tactical Breaching Hammer into the mobile game. The hammer can effortlessly make soft breaches, making Sledge one of the best operators to create new lines of sight and play vertically. Although Sledge lost his SMG-11 machine pistol a few seasons ago in Siege, he will be getting it back in the mobile version.


  • Primary Weapon: F2 – Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: P9 – Handgun
  • Unique Ability: Shock Drone
  • Gadget: Claymore

Twitch’s main gadget is the special Shock Drone. She has two of these drones in her arsenal, and they can shoot laser beams to destroy defender gadgets like Bandit batteries, Valkyrie cameras, and more. Twitch’s F2 AR is considered one of the best guns in the game right now, so we will have to wait and find out how strong it will be in Rainbow Six mobile.


  • Primary Weapon: 552-Com – Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG – Handgun
  • Unique Ability: Exothermic Charge
  • Gadget: Claymore

Thermite was the first Hard Breacher to be introduced to Siege. He has two Exothermic charges that can quickly breach hard reinforced walls and hatches. For almost all bomb sites in the game, you will need a hard-breacher in your lineup to effectively execute an attack. And Thermite is really reliable in that role.


  • Primary Weapon: Type-89 CQB – Assault Rifle
  • Secondary Weapon: 93R Handgun
  • Unique Ability: X-Kairos Launcher
  • Gadget: Stun Grenades

Hibana is the second hard-breacher that will be available during this closed alpha testing. While the role of Hibana is quite similar to Thermite which is to breach hard reinforcements, there are still some key differences between them. Firstly, Hibana’s main gadget is called the X-Kairos Launcher, and it can shoot small pellets of breaching rounds that stick to the reinforcements. With this launcher, Hibana can safely breach walls from a distance, but it takes a longer time for the pellets to explode compared to Thermite’s charge.

With a recent update in Siege, Hibana got the ability to select the number of pellets (2,4,6) that shoot out of her X-Kairo launcher, which means she can flexibly open a hatch with only four pellets or open a big-sized hole with all her 18 pellets. But, we have yet to confirm if this mechanic is also coming to the mobile version.


  • Primary Weapon:  AR33 or L85A2 Assault Rifle (yet to be confirmed)
  • Secondary Weapon: P226 Mk 25 – Pistol
  • Unique Ability: EMP grendades
  • Gadget: TBA

Thatcher is the best duo of any Hard Breacher. Thatcher’s main utility is the EMP grenades which disables any defender device for a short period of time. Using this EMP, he can deactivate Bandit’s batteries so Thermite or Hibana can swiftly destroy the reinforced wall.

Thatcher makes it significantly easier to breach hard walls and execute the attack, which is why he is often banned in Siege’s ranked matches.


  • Primary Weapon:  Type-95 LSW Light Machine Gun
  • Secondary Weapon: Q-929 Handgun
  • Unique Ability: Candela Flashes
  • Gadget: TBA

Ying is one of the recent Attackers to be introduced to Rainbow Six Mobile. She brings her unique Candela Flashes, which are timed explosives that can either be thrown or anchored onto a deployable surface to shoot out seven flash charges into an area. Ying, herself, is immune to the Candelas, so it is a great device to throw into a room and aggressively push the defenders.


Image: Ubisoft


  • Primary Weapon: Origin-12 – Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapon: Luison – Handgun
  • Unique Abilities: Silent Step; Interrogation
  • Gadget: Impact Grenade

The Brazilian operator Caveira has two unique abilities: Silent Step and Interrogation. The primary ability is the Silent Step, which can be used to run through the map without making any noise. So Attackers won’t be able to hear your footsteps even if they are near you which enables Caveira to surprise them. Caveira can also go up to a DBNO Attacker and interrogate them, which reveals the position of all the Attackers to the Defenders. The suppressed Luision pistol also assists Caveira in getting an Attacker down instead of killing them.


  • Primary Weapon: MP7 – Submachine Gun
  • Secondary Weapon: 5.7 USG – Handgun
  • Unique Ability: Shock Wire
  • Gadget: Barbed Wire

Bandit is bringing his batteries into the game. His gadget called ‘Shock Wire’ are batteries that can be deployed on reinforced walls, therefore electrifying them. Thermite or Hibana cannot place their gadget on these electrified walls, hence the walls are being protected from being breached. Attackers can counter Bandit using Thatcher’s emp grenades and then quickly place the hard-breach charges.


  • Primary Weapon: M500 – Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapon: SMG-11 – Machine Pistol
  • Unique Ability: Remote Gas Grenade
  • Gadget: Deployable Shield

Smoke is considered one of the best area and plant denial defenders in Siege. Smoke brings his toxic gas grenades that can be thrown and remotely detonated to block off an area. Other than Smoke himself, any player going in the vicinity of the Smoke’s yellow gas will take ticks of damage as long as they remain in it. When playing this operator, you should anchor the bomb site and deny the enemies from planting the defuser using the toxic grenades.


  • Primary Weapon: MPX – Submachine Gun
  • Secondary Weapon: Keratos.40 – Handgun
  • Unique Ability: Black Eye Cameras
  • Gadget: Nitro Cell

Valkyrie is one of the strongest operators to be introduced in Rainbow Six Siege. Her unique gadget is called the “Black Eye” camera, and it can be thrown and stuck to almost any surface. Valkyrie has three of these special Black Eye cameras in her pocket, and once deployed, the entire defending side can access the feed from these cameras. Unlike regular cameras in Siege, the Black Eyes provide a color feed and the ability to rotate the view 360 degrees. However, they do emit a bright shine of blue light when they are in use, so attackers can find them when searching for the hidden cameras.


  • Primary Weapon: M590A1 – Shotgun
  • Secondary Weapon: AP30 – Handgun
  • Unique Ability: GC90 Signal Disruptor “Jammer”
  • Gadget: Nitro Cell

Mute’s unique gadget is called the GC90 Signal Disruptor “Jammer”, and as the name suggests it jams any device in its range. Mute jammers can be used to block drones and also deny walls from being breached, which makes Mute a strong operator for your lineup.


  • Primary Weapon: MP5 SMG
  • Secondary Weapon: D-50
  • Unique Ability: Armor Pack
  • Gadget: Deployable Shield

Rook was also recently announced to be coming to Rainbow Six Mobile. Rook is a very beginner-friendly defender, as his gadget is just a pack of armors that can be distributed to every defender. The armor provides extra HP to the defenders, at the same time ensuring that you always get downed before dying, unless it’s a headshot. Even grenades or claymores will just leave you in a Down But Not Out (DBNO) state.


  • Primary Weapon: 416-C AR
  • Secondary Weapon: TBA
  • Unique Ability: Active Defense System
  • Gadget: Barbed Wire

Jager is one of the most popular operators in Siege, and currently has the highest pick rate. Jager’s ADS gadget has the ability to destroy incoming projectiles, such as frag grenades, stun grenades, and more. In Siege, the gadget was reworked, so each ADS can now only zap one projectile before going on a cooldown, which lasts for 10 seconds. However, the number of charges is infinite. We still have to wait and find out how Jager’s ADS will work in the mobile version, but we know that his presence will still be high.


  • Primary Weapon: TBA
  • Secondary Weapon: TBA
  • Unique Ability: TBA
  • Gadget: TBA

The defending Recruit was also one of the latest operators to be announced. Recruit is one of the default starting operators that you can pick. While he may not have any fancy unique ability, Recruit can bring a large variety of gadgets. Once you unlock most of the other operators, there is little to no reason to pick him.

Attacking lineup

When attacking in Rainbow Six Mobile, your 5-man roster should ideally include 1 fragging operator, 2 support operators, and 2 flex operators. So the attacking lineup might look this: Ash, Hibana, Thatcher, Twitch, Sledge.

Defending lineup

When defending, your team should ideally include a wall-denial operator, intel-providing operator, projectile-catcher, roamer, and anchor. So the lineup might look this: Bandit, Valkyrie, Jager, Smoke, Rook.

There is no fixed formula when trying to pick the operators, so feel free to try out any operator.

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