Rainbow Six Memevitational: a fun tournament created to replace ‘postponed’ SI

With Ubisoft postponing the Six Invitational 2021, Siege fans were undoubtedly unhappy with the outcome. However, not to worry, as Six Memevitational is here to celebrate all things Siege.

Although the fifth edition of the Six Invitationals is not taking place as planned in February, the Siege community have united to form the Six Memevitational: a tournament filled with star R6 pro players, content creators, caster and more.

Ex-G2 and Chaos Esports Club analyst Jack ‘Fresh’ Allen started the discussion of having some sort of a fun charity showmatch in place of SI, and Commentator Derry ‘Dezachu’ Holt seemed to have come up with the perfect “Memevitational” name.

And within days, the tournament was alive and is now scheduled to take place in February 20th/21st.

The Rainbow Six Memevitational will have two groups of 5 teams, and the teams will be “roughly” formed as below:

  • 1 player
  • 1 caster
  • 1 creator
  • 1 coach/analyst
  • 1 wildcard (can be anyone)

As of now, the following teams have been confirmed with few spots still remaining vacant.

six memevitational
Image: Dezachu

As players from all around the world are participating in this tournament, ping will obviously be an issue, but still not the biggest concern in a fun tournament. And to make things more interesting Hostage and Secure Area game modes will also be added in the mix.

Even if isn’t the world championship of Rainbow Six Siege, at least the Siege fans will get something to look up to before the Year 6 reveal. All the matches will be streamed live on Twitch, so stay tuned for the latest updates.